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Affordable Avalanche The Architect Blog
Everything You Need To Know About Avalanche The Architect
This one is for people who are addicted to pop and rap music. Avalanche the Architect, who is also rapper, has brought 90s hip hop back to the mainstream. The track Talk The Talk was released last month and has had over 150 thousand views. The story behind the song was about rappers being arrested for their lyrics in rap. Avalanche also got charged for his lyrics. Avalanche is dominating the world by rapping. The videos have millions of views. He tweets frequently on Twitter and has thousands upon thousands of likes. Avalanche is also an entrepreneur who runs his own online business as well as social media. His YouTube channel is filled with his incredible video raps. Each one of his videos attracts hundreds of viewers daily. Avalanche's passion and talent are what make him a popular figure around the world. Have a look at this Toronto Rapper site for more.

[Image: Avalanche-e1667495412168-620x350.jpg]

About Avalanche The Architect
Avalanche is a fantastic 90s rap artist and is trying to change the music industry through his content. Avalanche was raised in America and has lived most of his time in America. The rapper currently lives in Toronto. His fierce and violent rappers have a distinctive and distinct style of delivery matched with a rhyme structure formed in a way that is unlike any other. His ferocious vocals are tempered by the lyrics that tell the tale of his life. The passion for his art stems mainly from the discipline he gained through his professional and private MMA training/fighting. A large portion of his videos are available on the internet, and he's getting more and more popular each day. Avalanche is an Toronto local who is consistently recording and putting together a full-length album as well as a mixtape. He plans to release both within the next year.

Toronto rapper Avalanche The Architect is no stranger to controversy, his new song titled "Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Shoot Shoot Kill" has just created a lot of controversy! This wartime song is only 5 minutes and 40 seconds contains more than 57 references. That's more than 10 per minute! Don't get it wrong that, despite the violent lyrics, this song is a masterclass of similes and metaphors. It also features clever words and phrases that can knock top boxers out of their seats. "I am not giving you any chances when I give you an opportunity" or "Rubix cube the way I'm spinning the block" This goes on for more than 5 minutes. The song is reminiscent of Canibus's 100-bar tune from the late '90s. Avalanche is the most famous lyricist in the world of music. It is his deep, gritty voice that can sometimes drown out his more lyrical style. If you're looking to talk about the bar-heavy and lyrical savages, I would recommend putting him in with Big Pun, Lloyd Bankss or Lloyd Banks. Check out this Moula 1st site for updates.

[Image: IMG_20171210_193402_944.jpg]

It's evident that his music doesn't draw on stories he hasn’t experienced. According to him "There's no social gathering in the city that doesn't recognize my name. You can ask the mob. I'm doing murders in contract all on my own." I didn't meet Avalanche in a Portuguese social club or cafe on College street. It is an area in Toronto Canada that is well-known for its "Soprano" types of activities. I was surprised at the ease with which he integrated as an African-American in the context. Avalanche explained his name comes from his coach in martial arts who said when he fought it was like an Avalanche and his peers in his neighborhood called Avalanche the Architect for his friendship with every social group.

Hanging with Avalanche throughout the day helped me to see the Architect side of him! I was able to see the architect aspect of Avalanche by hanging out with Avalanche at the biker clubhouse party. I'll conclude by affirming that Avalanche the architect is a genuine rapper and deserves to be recognized. Have a look at this pop culture blog for info.

[Image: mississauga-rapper-avalanche-the-archite..._thumb.jpg]
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