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Welcome to the reformed Davis IBG
Dear members and friends, we are glad to extend our warm welcome to you. We thank you for your support so far.

The Admin team saw the need to change the purpose of this platform, to fit in to the mordern social media platform. There are a lot of new functionality added to the platform which you will discover very soon. The most amazing ones include an enhanced friendship system, mordern messenger, automatic video url converting to inbuild media player. The last enables you to easily share videos from your other social media handles, the likes of YouTube, Facebook Instagram and many more are supported. In subsequent announcements we will explain in details how to use the auto video url conversion as well as other new features.

The developers are working very hard to make this platform rank among the best in existence. It will only take time, but we believe that with your continuous support and hardwork from us we will get there sooner than expected. So we will keep on improving the platform in all remification. 

From now on, you will see new updates coming up in the platform, so once there is any new updates we will write an announcement to introduce it by giving a detailed explanation of what it is and how to use it or what it would change or add to the platform. Keep an eye on the updates so that you don't miss out. 

We also welcome you suggestions, if you find any interesting features that should be added to this platform, kindly send a private message to one of the team members. In the future, we will create a forum where you can drop your suggestions and we will discuss it together and give update if it is approved or not, including other details. 

So for now, we invite you to explore the new Davis IBG. Make sure that you add as many friends as possible, because you will need them letter. 

From the Davis IBG Admin team, we send you love💖

The Administrators, 
Davis IBG

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