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Why Tinubu won the presidential election
The now President Elect, Asiwaju Armed Tinubu's victory in the presidential election has aggrieved many citizens. Some high profile politicians, else politicians, opposition polical parties have already condemned the else Lagos state governor prior to his victory being announced by the INEC Chairman. I am not going to talk about what happened in the poll, instead I'll stick to the topic of this post.

Tinubu has being a high profile politician, know for working out other people's victories in all capacities of the countries executive positions, including that of the outgoing president, Muhammedu Buhari as he claimed. Following his claim of making Buhari president, no oral or written statement was issued by the presidency or by the president and the APC, perhaps the silence over his claims was a prove of justification. He has boosted from the beginning of the campaign, confidently saying the famous "it is my turn". Such confidence alone makes you think that this man have already out-think his opponents.

He won because of commanding such a huge authority, influence and power over top politicians. The influence of these politicians (APC governors and NASS members) was evident in his dominance over the states and regions where his minions controls.

Another reason why he won was because of Mr Peter Obi's lack of a more powerful and influential running mate, he singlehandedly reshaped Labour Party into a formidable party, a third force party with now a strong structure. That is really commendable of someone who hasn't held any position other than the Governor of his state and only a running mate of his PDP counterpart, Atiku Abubaka in the previous election. If Obi had opted to convince a politician in NNPP's Rabiu Kwankwaso caliber to be his running mate, this would have been a different story and the title of this post wouldn't have been the same. Little was known about Babba Datti Armed prior to his selection as Obi's running mate, we can call that a poor choice and the only thing Obi did wrong in his race to Aso rock. 

The G-5 governors throwing their weights against the PDP candidate Atiku, after causing needless chaos in the party and not endorsing any of the candidates was a childish play on their part. This will completely damage the image of the Rivers Governor Wike, and brake up his elevated structure he has built with pride. 

Tinubu's influence and authority can also be said to have affected the inconsistencies of the electoral process, and it is arguably true. Surely, there will be court suits against him from opposition parties, but as was seen in Buhari's case when he defeated Atiku in his second term bid in 2019, not even a thousand suit cases can disqualify Tinubu. He has being declared winner and it stands. This is Nigeria.
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