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Yahoo no be sin
"Yahoo boys", the street name of the popular internet fraudsters in Nigeria is a channel that has enriched many youths who are into the system by scamming others virtually. One of the youth who recently cashed out (amazed great wealth from the system) was interviewed by a lady. Identified as Sure-Net, his street name. In the interview he claimed that Yahoo - the act of scamming people via the internet, is not a sin.

Here is the interview as shared by the lady on Facebook in Nigerian Pidgin:

"Today na Sure-Net day, im do finally hit the net. Me and di new reach kid follow talk today. I ask am how im de feel as I'm Dom cash out. Sure-Net talk say na im be di happiest person 4 di world right now, but dis one na just the start. I still come ask am say how ur client go feel if I'm find out say u no de real? Sure-Net answer say make I forget dat one cus no be watim im de reason be that. Finally I come ask am say yahoo work no be sin? Na im in come ask me say 'if person collect ur thin and you go collect am back na sin?' I answer am no. Im come talk say Yahoo no be sin. I tell am say I no understand, im say 'open ur ear mak I clear ur eye, na so dos white people de come de collect our oil moni 4 free, no body complain say dem de sin, so we too de go collect our money back, so make nobody complain say our own now na sin. Na we self go first reach heaven because we take our time de hustle.' Na watin sure-net talk be dat, na Dia me come Waka. I say make I update una. "
Any time sooner is a good time to get started Idea
Funny tho but all is well

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