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The difference between CV and Resume
In my previous post (here) i promised to write an article about the difference between a CV(Certificate Vitae) and a Resume.

Knowing the difference and a little trick will help you to know what to attach into your application to be able to stand a chance of winning over many competitors.

Let's start from here.

The difference is very clear. A CV gives the whole details of your career, education, skills and work experiences in many pages. The information of a CV is always very long that is why it requires many pages, from 3 to 15 pages based on how long the information the owner wish to enter into the CV. But a Resume can contain most of the information on the CV but in clear briefing, a good Resume is always a page or two with colourful attractions. It is often a work of art in some occasions.

A CV is best used to search for academic job in schools, library, or research organization.

A Resume is often use to show your strength in a varieties of jobs.

This part is very important. You can create a single CV and use it to search for different varieties of jobs, but you cannot use a Resume that way. For each job you apply you must create a unique Resume for it to tell about your experiences for that particular job or role you are applying, a resume focuses on qualifications that makes you fit for the job like previous experiences on same or similar job.

Here is a tip you should never trample upon. The need for a resume and CV varies from place to place. In the US, CV is used when applying for an academic job like teacher, researcher, guardian role etc. But a resume is prefarrably used for other jobs.

While in Britain and most European countries if not all there is nothing like a resume, you need just a CV.

In develope countries in Africa such as South Africa, Nigeria, Morroco, Egypt etc. Resume and CV are used interchangeably and both can serve same purpose. But NOTE: It is better to use a resume format in Africa in 2021. I will explain that letter.

However in Asia there is nothing called Resume or CV, what you insert into your envelope to complement your application is called a "Biodata".

Smart Nigerians create their CV in a Resume format and it does a little magic to give them bigger chances of winning the job. But why?

A CV is always a boring white paper with black ink written on it. An employer already knows what is inside or what to expect from a CV, maybe he'd just flip it and throw it in the trash. But once he sees an application with a Resume disguised as a CV, he will surely be forced to look at least twice if he doesn't glance at it or observe it very well and the application you submitted will have more chances to be read by the employer. The employer need something different, that is what a Resume gives.

Now you know the difference between a CV and a Resume and where, when, and how to use it. I will spare some time this week to write about how to create an attractive CV in resume format.

Hope this post was helpful. Use the comment below to send feedback.

Thanks for reading...

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