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Not indebted!
People will never lack opinion to drop on your matter table
They'll speak and explain as tho they understand how it feels to be horrible
They'll express and bisect their shallow meaning of how it seems to be disable
They'll end up spilling out jargons; not too realistic fable!

If your immunity is not too strong to shield you, why?
If life is healing you with thorns, why?
If luck decides to fly a billion mile away from you, why?
If solution doesn't like your face, why?

So many why; we can't dare to answer!
So many questions, who can understand let alone answer!
So many puzzle leaving us without answers!
So many parable, sipping out non understandable answers!

We should understand that we aren't indebted to answer anyone,
If they really care, they should be the difference of everyone!

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