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2021 job winning tip in Nigeria
This is Nigeria in 2021, if you think that things will continue how it was in one or two years ago in Nigeria, you are living in a world of your own (a decade back).

Please I will beg for your forgiveness on any typo you see in this article because i don't wont to spend much time in writing this due to my work schedule, but a wise person will still learn the lesson even if it was found in a bin. You know what I mean.

To the big issue, the reason why you are reading this post.

If you have ever sit for a job interview in the past 2 and 5 years ago, and you happen to sit for another last year or this year 2021, you will notice a very big change. Back then the interviewer will be impressed by your fluency and your smartness, your enthusiasm and boldness will add extra spark to the whole thing, then you will just have your shot on target. But today, things have changed a lot differently, many employers have come to realise that there is a better way of handling interviews and so they have set a different standards for the job interviews. Today, the interviewer is not looking for how well you know the job neither is he impressed by your fluency and boldness anymore, he just want to know how ready and how well you can do the job, he is looking for your ability not knowledge. You can speak the latest grammar in the online dictionary if you want to but you are just on your own (OYO). Guy, you must wise up oo, because level don change.

That is just one side of the coin. Before you even get to as far as sitting for the interview, their is another huddle you must jump first. This have to do with your application for the job vacancy, back then you attach Certificate vitae (CV) to your application letters and you are confident of the little magic that white and black paper can do for you. But now, you don't necessarily need a CV to get a job, you need more of a Resume (I will explain the difference between CV and Resume and easy way to create a job winning Resume in Nigeria in my subsequent articles) than CV. The letter is becoming outdated due to the fact that employers need more experience and practical than theory and papers.

Early this year, a friend was searching for job, he submitted his application immediately after he found just one vacancy, his resume was eye-catching and he got the job without any interview and stress. All he needed was just a simple test to prove his capability to do the job. The point is this: gone are those days when school certificates pay off in the labour market, experience and ability are top in the pecking order now. So you must get them and stop relying on any sort of paper from any school because Nigerian government aren't willing to offer job to the citizens, most job you find available today comes from private sectors and these businessmen and women believe in your ability and not certificates. So you will need to develop/increase your ability on any skill if you are to stand a chance of finding a job now or in the future.

Thanks for reading.

If you find this article helpful please drop your comment, your criticism is also welcome.

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